These  stationeries/letters  are  for  IncrediMail  only. My IM letters are created in IM Xe 
(Windows 7 - 8 - 10  /  Internet Explorer 8 -  9 - 10 - 11)
Click the letter you want for
automatic downloading to your IM Gallery.
I don't share my letters in any group.
My letters are FREE.
Some letters have English, Spanish or Norwegian text. Choose between more than 1450  letters here.  :)

I create IM-letters with my own graphics and photos, purchased materials,
materials shared in groups  and free materials found on internet.

OLD LETTERS  (from 2007-2012) have moved to a "rest-home" - if you want to visit them, please click the link in the menu.
It is 1490 of them over there... ;)


Moving pictures/backgrounds mostly created with VB script,
Java script, or marquee.

Usually from top to bottom, the newest on last page.
The twinkling star tells you which letter is new.

Top-/Side borders:
Side-borders with plain color background should fit all screen sizes.
Side-borders with pattern background are all 3000 px wide.
Top-borders should fit all screen sizes.

The writing area
is mostly a textbox with a colored scrollbar,
an inline frame with a colored scrollbar, or
an expanding table.

for screen res. 1600 x 1440 * Internet Explorer *
Font: Century Gothic (size: 12 pt) * Text size: Medium * Zoom 100%
If something doesn't work properly, please send an e-mail to

Site opened 1. September 2007